We have a long experience on planning and logistic of transport in all kind of events. Our company stands out by support and majority presence on providing transport service for weddings, corporate meetings, parties, exhibitions, trips to Stays and any events where mobility is required.  
So that users feel that trust in our services was a right choice, we put all our wisdom at their disposal in a clear and professional way. We adapt us easily to requirements and incidentals that might arise at last moment thanks to flexibility
our plans, by making imperious changes due to eventual variations either of the routes or the number of passengers to be transported.




For Executives: We accompany them to meetings along with their colleagues, carrying them either to the air terminals or to the auditoriums previously assigned.

- For Weddings: Due to the provided consumption of alcoholic drinks, the guests request for our services and leave their transport in our hands, securing a no worries trip and above all, come back to home restfully after event.

- For Performances and Exhibitions: Mostly these events are usually launching of products or services, visits to museums and cultural performances previously scheduled.
Even though there are many others motives that need the transport support, those ones are only a few examples our services which we have wanted underline and highlight by being the events most requested.  

When all our automotive fleet (which comprises combis, vans, minibuses and micros) is adapted to customer’s needs, we enlarge the possibility for fulfill the providing all our services in satisfactory way.

Being strategically located in Buenos Aires and nearby, we grasp and respond to demand constant and requests for service of a broad sector. To date, we believe that we are the best option.


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