We have the vehicle one that you need for carry out your event and without worry how to transport to all those people.
We evaluate each particular need and from there we advise you in order that you choose the more suitable kind transport.

Among services that we offer for rental of minibus the most important are the followings:

Transfer of weddings guests (something that is becoming more common) for avoid risk driving under state of drunkenness.

  • Trips to go and back to Ezeiza airports and Airpark (for people groups for whom the taxi’s capacity is not enough.) 
  • Transfer of delegations to sport events (we transport sport teams of football, hockey, rugby, etc.)
  • Transfer to Buenos Aires’ Stays (for retirees groups or touristic)   
  • Rides by delta El Tigre (we accompany you up to dock boats, to lunch areas and back to the starting point.
  • Attention to small producer companies and Pymes that need transport their employees.     
  • Trips of religious delegations, visits to sanctuaries, conferences of Christian groups, meetings of churches, etc.
  • Transfer of all personnel kind.

We are always ready and at level of your needs for any travel you go to do.
Rental of vans of 10 passengers and minibuses for 15, 19 and 24 people. The vehicles have all authorizations and licenses’, the corresponding insurances policies and the best attention from our drivers.
You can call or send us an e-mail and securely we will solve your needs.


No doubt that we are the best choice for transport service. Only have you come into TRAVELVANS…and ready…¡ go to travel!