On TRAVELVANS we offer you a different combis service for companies with tailored-made routes of what you need for each occasion. It is a real solution for your daily commutes plans.


Entrepreneurial Combis – Exclusive Attention


Prior to hiring a service, we give priority to communication with a client by adding value in advising and by solving frequent concerns.

We make specific budgets for all kind of needs.

We have a last range vehicle fleet starting from which we assess, among other things, safety of trip.

In addition, we are renowned by the good service, a friendly treatment and best readiness with the passenger in all times.

Combis for various groups passengers of Companies:


  • Minivans with 10 seats
  • Combis with 15 seats
  • Minibuses with 19 passengers
  • Minibuses with 24 passengers


A continuous Tracking System of our vehicles with the most advanced satellite tracking technology and updated instantly information about their real-time position.

We have a Table of Traffic Control in our central database that works for 24 hours a day, with a rotary lines switch that allows us improve the communication and clear doubts at all times.

We have a fleet of over than 40 vehicles in continuous rotation which are replaced after 5 years of service.

We give Total Compliance Warranty with replacement combis if necessary.

Insurance Policy for passengers, drivers and vehicles so as the corresponding Entrepreneurial Licenses and Certificates.