Charter Minibuses for Companies
Transport of Administrative Personnel and Workers of Factory

The increase of transit on city and surroundings has affected to companies adversely, above all the timely arrival of employees to workplaces. Due to delays, the companies have seen affected by operational absences and therefore, by decreasing in daily output.
So by lacking effective solutions to troubles of public transport, owners of Factories and Companies have taken actions and alternatives to lower the transport crisis.
This is why they evaluate hiring of private service of micros and minibuses (called charter) in order to their workers arrive timely so avoiding tardiness and what is still worst, excused absences.

Importance of Charter’ Routes and its Impact on Daily Life:

  • Ensure punctuality of workers.
    Increase productiveness that is the basis of economic sustainability of   Companies.
    Achieve the intended goals for selling their products or services.
    End up with frequent excuses of employees (e.g.: “the micro or train were stopped” “there were strikes and street lockouts..”, etc.)

Another main protagonists who has been directly affected, is the environment:

There are some official data that confirm this. Ten years ago, into the city were entering near 800.000 cars a day. Today the number amounts to 1.400.000 vehicles and for year 2020 are calculated more than 2.200.200.

Furthermore, daily also circulate 8.800 remises, 40.000 taxis, 65.000 trucks, 400.000 motorcycles and 12.000 minibuses or collectives.  
All this excessive traffic produces a huge emission to atmosphere of toxic gases which are harming slowly and exponentially both people and flora and fauna, as well as to natural resources like water and foods.

This is why on TRAVELVANS we think on the Companies, their staff and on the city by offering new choices of metropolitan transfers. We encourage to a decreasing in use of particular cars by proposing rather a collective transport system as a way of mobilization more efficient.


As an alternative, we plan every detail of charter course seeking by needs and employees’ labor commitments and accompany them throughout their workday.