Buenos Aires Airport Transfer

For comfort our customers, on TRAVELVANS we serve from small groups of passengers up bigger ones with travelers that need be carried by city and surroundings in order to go to Ezeiza Airport or towards Airpark.

Quality Management for Corporate Transfer

 In order to supply you enough clarity and security at the moment of signing contract, our operators will respond all your concerns.

We get information constantly about all events that frequently happen in city and which could provoke a possible delay along route toward airports. This is why we calculate well and anticipate us the circumstances of these unexpected events.

For reservation your combi or minibus, we request you the following data:

1– Number of passengers to be transported.
2- Date, hour and address or a place in where you need be picked up.
3– Cell Phone number of Contractor or fellow traveler in where we can contact quickly if any contretemps happens.


Transfers To Different Ezeiza’s Air Terminals

In order to recall and confirming all relevant information, one of our operators will contact you before service be carried out.

If you accord, also you may contract us for the trip back.
The data you must take in account and confirmed would be the followings:

1– Flight Number (necessary for tracking and make sure on predicted arrival time or if day and hour have changed.
2– Date and scheduled hour for the flight arrival in order to annotate them on agenda.    
3– Cell Phone number for contact the assigned driver.

In order to improve the visualization and find easily the van driver, we exhibit waiting posters with names of passenger groups arriving to Ezeiza and whom we have not carried to airport previously.

These data are very useful for our clients so we decided to share them in order to stand out our experience so as the efficiency level and clearness on working daily.

We are specialized in scheduling, planning and execution of several kinds of transfers. Our long path on good service is because continuous improvement of quality in all processes and is featured by the constant recommendation done by our customers in touristic market.


 If you have any suggestions, please just let us know.

Always we will be open to new changes and continuous improvement of quality service.