Since 1995, we are devoted to provide specialized transport services by making   all kinds of touristic transfers, business events and private, cultural or corporate within Buenos Aires’ metropolitan area.
We identify ourselves by being passionate of trade and we are acknowledged for provide to our clients an immediate response to their concerns and requests about entire portfolio of services.

This open communication and permanent with users allows us to reach agreements with ease and to establish contracts in which both parties are benefited.  

Along all these 20 years of experience in the craft, thanks to this altruistic approach in service, to the vocation for service, the enthusiasm, the commitment and seriousness that set us apart in transport market, the client has been who has placed us up on the highest peak of the podium when he comes to choosing their preferences, and who stands us out as benchmark and stays us at height of best ones among competition.  

In addition to vehicle fleet of latest range, and to the communication equipment of advanced technology, we count suitable human resources and competent, a valuable team of work comprised of operators, drivers and administrative staff.


This team is integrated by a group of men and women with a strong sense of belonging, committed our entrepreneurial values, and to whom we train and encourage constantly for consolidate and maintain an excellent organizational climate into an atmosphere of friendly and supportive work.

Our entire staff is fully trained, from the workmates who establish first contacts with our clients up to the operators group and drivers who are responsible for carry them to their various destinations.
In addition to being a special transport company in constant growth, TRAVELVANS is a mark in permanent positioning within sector, always seeking to broaden new horizons without neglecting the progress made in customary services already enshrined.

We continue perfecting daily the details and continuous improvement of client-oriented service, in order to rise up to the highest standards of quality.

This high efficiency level makes up the ideal scenario for you just need to sit back and start to enjoy a comfortable trip from start to end.





In the year 1995, the first embryonic experiences of the company began with offering services for school transport within Argentine capital.

After we to devote us to school transport service, we enlarged our services in response to demand from different sports clubs for the transportation its partners to compete in another headquarters.

Later on, due to increase of the tourist market, we began to organize transfers, both for local passengers as for foreign visitors, from and to air terminals of the Ezeiza airport.

This new experience led us to specialize in the logistics to mobilize timely and accurate way to large groups of travelers that allowed us to give a quantitative and qualitative leap in the provision of the service.

That was how we began to diversify the routine service of the transport of passengers, with a new value-added that led us to enter and to orient all our efforts to attention of tourist groups, local travelers and foreign, with innovative offerings of plans for tours, city tours, trips to stays, guided tours, events, tango show, etc.
By 2002, due to the growing demand of market and improvement of our competitiveness, we increased our vehicular fleet, with which we already not only had combis and vans with capacities of 10 and 15 passengers, but also we spent to purchase a new fleet of minibuses for 19 passengers.

From there, a new horizon in the commercial transportation of passengers was opened, and we move into the entrepreneurial transport services to cover demand from local companies that need to transport their employees.

Coinciding with this fact, and due to the unstoppable decline of public transport, since then and until today, this trend has continued increasing.

In parallel, during the subsequent years, we continue innovating the models and augmenting our fleet, by acquiring of vehicles for larger capacity as the minibuses for 24 passengers and bus for 45.

For year 2005, we become into a benchmark transport service and we opened our second headquarter in the Belgrano neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Currently, we have a vehicle fleet that provides services for transfers, with routes and travels in Buenos Aires city and surroundings. We count a full package of land operations directed not only to individuals, but also to corporate organizations that belong to sector as well as to companies who need strengthen confidence in our services.



TRAVELSVANS is an Argentinian company of private transportation that provides special transfer services and personalized in the best conditions of excellence and quality to multiple populations domestic and foreign from tourism sector, industry, business, cultural and social of Buenos Aires, through an excellent fleet composed of a diverse range of last line vehicles to suit all needs, operating with a human team of work highly trained and committed to quality, the achievement of their targets and goals of the client-oriented service, in pursuit of continuous improvement and environment conservation.


Our true mission is and will remain grow constantly in this field in order to continue offering to our customers the best quality in service at the time of engaging us.


““By the year 2020, TRAVELVANS will be the one Argentinian company of specialized transport services preferred by all tourists and travelers national and foreign world's most demanding, recognized and admired in South America, the region and the country, as a leading company in the sector that improve the quality of life of the people and the environment."




As a company of specialized transport service, TRAVELVANS has been developed and consolidated on three fundamental values that are the basis and the pillars of its corporate structure and on which has been built and will continue to build your success.
These three VALUES are:




In the exercise of all our operations of land transport, we maintain a constant care in the implementation of all rules, compliance with the requirements and the use of the SECURITY elements on the vehicles, the crew and passengers, in order to ensure a quiet trip, reliable and secure, where the protection of life and health is the one fundamental principle.


  • The success of all our operations of land transport is determined by the perfect timing and the logistic management in all the movements scheduled, in order to meet on time with the commitments of our customers. PUNCTUALITY in TRAVELSVANS is an essential component and a factor for harmony, dynamism and synergy with the scheduling of the interests and agendas for different sectors of the community, people who live, study, work, travel, entertain and rest in a certain time.


For TRAVELVANS, the achievement of the targets and goals of all scheduled transport operations is guaranteed by the deployment of all skills and competences of its staff during the process of execution of the relevant tasks. This effective implementation of the experience and knowledge along with the performance of our excellent fleet, make that the EFFICIENCY is a fundamental value that sustains our company.


As a company of specialized transport service, TRAVELVANS has been developed and consolidated on three fundamental values that are the basis and the pillars of its corporate structure and on which has been built and will continue to build your success.
These three VALUES are: